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5 Valentines Day Ideas That Won't Break The Bank

Valentines Day is right around the corner and while there are plenty of romantics still roaming about, there are others that have absolutely no idea what to do to celebrate this concocted day of love. Whether you are in a committed relationship with someone or in one with yourself, you may need a few ideas on how to celebrate and really make it your own. There's no need to spend hundreds of dollars as you are showing your love, below are 5 Valentines Day ideas that won't break the bank:

1. Car Concert - Who doesn’t love a good car concert! You could put together a playlist of all your favorite love songs, or songs that just remind you of your spouse and good times you all have had together and let the karaoke love begin!

2. Couples Massages - You and your spouse could give each other massages. Physical touch is one of the 5 love languages a man or woman could have, massages help to relax your spouse for the rest of the festivities that you have planned for the day. If you really want to get fancy visit my good friend Mary at Gift of Beauty and grab her affordable Couples Massage Package and she will come and show you how to properly massage your partner!

3. Love Letters - Love letters never get old, you can always send your valentines sweet love letters randomly around the house and their car to find affirmations of love.

4. Create An At Home Spa- Grab a few LED lights for the ambiance, roses, robes for the two of you, along with candles, fruits and chocolates and tea or wine of your choice.

5. Scrapbook your Relationship - Everyone is huge on digital photos yes, but head over to your nearest Walgreens, CVS and print your favorite photos and create a scrape story book.

Love can be shown to anyone and it can be shown for no reason at all. Whatever it is you choose to do, just love unconditionally.

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