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Ask Ashlee: Seasoned Brother Looking For Love

Dead Ask Ashlee,

I am a 44 yr old single man in the Greater Cincinnati Area, trying to find me a good woman. This seems almost impossible. I’m looking for stability, a woman that actually knows how to cook and clean. A lot of women don’t know how to do that these days. You would be surprised. I want a woman that is in shape and has the body of a fresh 25 yr old, with no children. She doesn’t have to be 25, but I wouldn’t mind it if she was. Can you help me? I know you know a lot of people in Cincinnati, maybe you could arrange something.

Looking for Her

Dear Mr. Looking For Her,

So here’s the thing, you are in need of a different kind of help hun. Sometimes men and women have this “perfect” idea of what they want their companion to look like, or how they want them to act. This of course is called preference, and there is nothing wrong with a preference, however you might want to consider the other qualities in a woman that your “dream girl” might not have. You could find a 25 yr old woman who can cook and clean, but she might not be sexually compatible with you. Or you could find a woman that is 35 yrs old, that meets your qualifications but has a child. You might be missing out on the woman that was created for you because of superficial ideas of what you think she should look like. What about her heart? Can she engage in a conversation with you? Does she bring value to your life or take away from it? Can she balance a checkbook? It sounds like even at 44 yrs old, there are still some things you need to learn about yourself and about engaging with women period. Let’s address some of those things, and maybe, just maybe the right woman of your preference and more will appear. I hope this helps.

Love & Light,


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