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Ask Ashlee: Our Relationship Isn't Solid Enough For #CouplesGoals

Dear Ask Ashlee,

I’m a 38 yr old man in a pretty secure relationship with a woman I love very much. She is a well known entrepreneur in the city we live in and I support her business 100%, I really do. Lately, she has been wanting to do more with her content and has asked to be able to start doing things more personal which would involve me in her everyday content and I am not ok with it. I just don’t like the idea of exposing our relationship to the world when we are still building our foundation. We are good, yes but we have the potential to be great and I am a strong believer in protecting my peace and my home life. How can I get her to be on the same page as me without thinking[ something negative as if I’m ashamed of our relationship?

Mr. Privacy

Dear Mr. Privacy,

So here’s the thing, you two clearly see things differently in terms of how you want to display your relationship. You won’t agree on everything of course but compromising is important in any relationship. If your problem is that it is basically too soon for you all to show a bit of what goes on in your relationship as it relates to content for her business or brand awareness, then maybe come up with a timeline on when you would feel more comfortable with it and give her something to look forward to. There could be certain discussions you know you all have yet to address that maybe you will address as your love grows stronger and then you will find yourself more comfortable about opening up. As a content creator myself I can tell you that everything is content, even the smallest of things. So it’s possible for you all to showcase only a little of your relationship without you having to actually be on camera, for example, maybe she shares just a picture of the two of you holding hands, another one could be her hand on the back of your neck as a sign of affection. Either way, a little give and take in relationships go a long way. Do what makes you feel comfortable and what feels right, come up with a plan if you need to, but be honest along the way. I hope this helps.

Love & Light,


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