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5 Ways To Start The New Year

Toward the end of every single year, we all experience that moment where we start to contemplate how the upcoming year will hold new routines and new habits for us. We create vision boards, write out goals, and pray for the strength to be different and do better. As we enter into 2022, I implore you to wake up everyday full of gratitude for the opportunity to improve your life and take hold of the chances that are given to you. We are only a few days into the new year, here are five ways to get a jump start on your new year:

  1. Always Start With The Reflection of Your Wins:

Take a moment to reflect on 2021 and all of the positive things that have occurred.

What goals did you accomplish?

What were some of the things that went right?

Were there any pleasant surprises?

What are some of the positive realities you learned about yourself?

Whatever the answers to these questions are, write them out so they can continue to motivate you as you progress through the new year. Life can come at us fast and hard, allow these moments of reflection become the foundation you need to remember your growth and all you have overcome.

2. Create Actionable Goals:

Whatever you are looking to improve in your life, whether is it your health, your finances or your living situation, take a step back and look at the entire year of 2022. Look at all four quarters and come up with a plan that is manageable for your schedule and stick to your plan. Don't come up with excuses as to why something cannot be done, instead focus on what you can do day by day, and keep the commitments you are making to yourself.

3. You Hold The #1 Spot:

This year, do yourself a favor and make you the #1 priority in your life. Take care of your health, drink water, get enough sleep and take a moment each day to focus on your mental and spiritual well being. You cannot be the super human you are capable of being without first taken better care of yourself. You cannot provide help or support to the people in your life without first helping and supporting yourself. Find out what self-care means to you and how to implement it everyday. Again, I implore you to wake up each day full of gratitude. The more grateful you are about what you have and where you are in life, the more blessed you become to receive more and more.

4. Create A List of New Skills to Learn:

When you train your brain to learn new skills, you are teaching yourself to think and learn things faster. If you have career plans, learn new skills that will assist you in getting there. Maybe you are interested in starting your own business, take this year to research and gain knowledge about the best practices to master and operate that business.

5. Foster The Proper Balance Between Work/Play:

The importance behind balancing your work life and your life of entertainment is vital to your personal growth this year. There are dozens of benefits that come along with balancing work/play that will help alleviate your stress, improve your overall mental health and even improve your relationships. Make a commitment to create healthy balances in your life this year.

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